Art Taipei 2021 | 首都藝術中心 Capital Art Center Booth M01

展覽日期 2021.10.21 - 2021.10.25
展覽地點 台北世貿一館 Taipei World Trade Center



首都藝術中心 | M01展位



2021 Art Taipei


Capital Art Center | Booth M01

Artists: iu Kuo Sung, Fang Min-To, Jessica Pi-Hua Hsu , Wu I-Chien, SU Tsu Han, Lee Chi Hsun, WU Yao Ting, CHEN Ting Yao

Capital Art Center is honored to participate in Art Taipei 2021. The title of “TRIO”, presents the artistic styles of different generations. Like the light and strength of the melody, it combines chapters in classic, the core, and contemporary to compose the artistic styles of different generations, and sings together to guide the light of the chaotic present with art along. The exhibition will be held from October 22 to 25, and the VIP preview will be on October 21. We sincerely have your participation. 




In the classic chapter, the snow line between the sun and the moon hides the gaps between bamboo leaves. Encountering by chance the dialectic of being at ease, the lines of different media are discussed again in the art of Liu Kuo Sung and Fang Min-To. Whether it's breaking through the white lines of contemporary ink painting, or the deposition years in the lines of wood grain, from learning and reappearing in nature to reincarnation and rebirth, the level of the mind will regain a new position because of watching their arts.

In the Core chapter of abstract art and mixed media, what abstract art wants to express the heart can come from all the small things around life. Rural fields, natural trees, little more than the color of the city, shift your perspective and discover tiny unseen worlds. Enhance and enrich the nourishment of the spiritual level, and heal the missing or damaged marks of the viewer. Jessica Pi-Hua Hsu uses sensual dancing to express the natural joy of mountain living. The morning dew, fresh vegetables, first rays, lunar halo, all turned into the graceful posture on the canvas. Wu I-Chien's intellectual and abstract interpretation of daily life, those who did not pay attention to or even forgotten corners, interpretation of civilization mottled under a full load of time memory. In contrast, the representational reappearance of the knowledge stack is like picking up a forgotten promise of life. Su Tsu Han reshaped the spatial dimension of composite media and proposes the multiple dialectical thinking of humans, objects, and spaces. Experimenting with appropriateness and comfort among artistic beings. 

In the contemporary chapter, the abundant energy of contemporary creators comes from endless free imagination. Under the title of "Freedom", the three artists present different interesting wood carving themes, In addition, to echo the current state of mind suffering from closure, Lee Chi Hsun creates the tension of the stereotype of women breaking through the siege, Wu Yao Ting presents the mental transition of the physical limit in freediving, Chen Ting Yao describes the self-expectation with birds, which will play the spectrum of youth full of life enthusiasm.

劉國松 LIU Kuo Sung, 雪谷幽趣 Snow Valley, 水墨設色紙本 Ink on paper, 60×94.5 cm, 2015

吳怡蒨 Wu I-Chien, 聖書櫃 Saint Book Shelf, 油彩、畫布 Oil on canvas, 104×292 cm, 2021

徐畢華 Jessica Pi-Hua HSU, 吉諾佩第 Gynop’edies, Mixed media on canvas, 107×196 cm, 2021