藝術家 Artist

金田花季 Keneda Hanaki 1974-

Poppies and Java Sparrow
Pink Garden
花のドレス Flower Dress
It's a beautiful world
Poppies and Java Sparrow
Pink Garden
花のドレス Flower Dress
It's a beautiful world


The models of the work are cats we have, also cockatiel bird at home, and animals I met based on several visits at zoos and aquariums nationwide.

Since the model cat of my parents' house died at the age of 22 this summer, the number of works with flowers as a motif has increased with the meaning of requiescats.

There is always a cat by my side in my life. Since I was a kid, I haven't been able to communicate well with the people around me, and I tend to be alienated from the community, so I've always been friends with cats.

Cats have always been loved even if they behave unfriendly, and I have always admired them. In the work, the cat is a longing and sometimes my alter ego. In my work, I try to fulfill my desires that cannot be fulfilled in the real world, or depict my life in an ideal world. In addition to cats, birds such as parakeets and a wide variety of animals such as tigers, lions, and pandas often appear in my work.

Originally, cats and birds are predators and prey, and it is difficult for them to coexist in the same space. Looking back, even in the world where we humans live, humans are hurt by various reasons such as religion, race, and gender. Discrimination, disparity and conflict still exist. The law is not equal to all human beings, and the social system is in favor of the majority. I draw a world where various animals coexist without harming each other.

This is a projection of my ideal society on animals. There are a wide variety of human beings, each of whom is recognized and respected. "A wide variety of humans" is depicted as "a wide variety of animals." It would be great if people with different ideas could coexist without harming each other and live happily. And in such a world, I, as a child who couldn't communicate well, should be able to live happily. I make my artworks with such a prayer. I don't know if it will be hundreds or decades later, but when the ideal world is realized, will people living in that era feel beautiful when they see my work? I'm drawing with such an imagination.

Born 1974

Education 東洋美術学校卒業

Solo Exhibition

2021 オンライン個展「金田花季の猫展」(たち吉オンラインショップ)

2020 金田花季個展「ねこに真珠とブルートパーズ」(阪急うめだ本店/大阪)


2019 金田花季個展「美辞醜聞」(白白庵/東京)


2018 金田花季個展「極彩色の姫君」(art gallery OPPO/東京)



2017 金田花季個展「ねこの奴隷になりなさい」(猫専門またたび堂/宮城)

2016 金田花季個展「ねこ・解体新書(改訂版)」(猫専門またたび堂/宮城)

2015 金田花季個展「猫が来る。毎日来る」(猫専門 またたび堂/宮城)


2014 金田花季「ねこてん」(101 Room cafe/東京)

2002 金田花季個展「MY BOOM」(原宿グラフィックステーション/東京)

1994 金田花季初個展(ギャラリーTOBI/東京)

Art Fair

2022 One ART Taipei 2022, Capital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2021 Art Taichung 2021, Capital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan


1997 ザ・チョイス広告コンペ入賞

1998 第96回ザ・チョイス入選


2008 第156回ザ・チョイス入選


2013 第186回ザ・チョイス入選

 GEISAI#19 最終審査候補ノミネート

Group Exhibition

2021 C/STORE(島根県立美術館ミュージアムショップ/島根)

 カレー沢薫コラボイベント みんなでいきたい②(織部下北沢店/東京)


 ねこ集め 2021(うつわどころくるみ/東京)


2020 だるま展(銀座三越/東京)

 ねこ集め 2020(うつわどころくるみ/東京)


 Cat Cat Cat Show-It’s All About Cats-(StableNice BLDG./台南)

 Crazy Cat Ladies(ねこの引出し/東京)




 カレー沢薫コラボイベント みんなでいきたい(織部下北沢店/東京)


 動物たちと暮らす部屋 Vol.3(ちいさいおうち/京都)

2019 猫田ツナ子パーク(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)





 Giant Mango Selection@Wrong Gallery Taipei(Wrong Gallery/台北)








 集英社オレンジ文庫「美酒処 ほろよい亭 日本酒小説アンソロジー」装画担当

2018 猫・ネコ・NEKOアート展(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)









2017 HAPPY CATS(銀座三越/東京)








 Giant Mango Selection@Wrong Gallery(Wrong Gallery/台北)








 ANIMAL ART(JR名古屋高島屋/愛知)





2016 ACT大賞展(アートコンプレックス・センター/東京)

 Giant Mango Exhibition 2016 @Wrong Gallery(Wrong Gallery/台北)



 ITACHOCO ART(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)

 猫専門 またたび堂 期間限定2号店(仙台PARCO/宮城)

 NEKO×ART POP UP SHOP(東京都美術館ミュージアムショップ/東京)






 HAPPY NEKO YEAR(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)



 HEY Cat’s UP? NECOA 1100(LUCUA 1100/大阪)


 アートの畑@ISETAN 2016(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)









2015 JapaneeZoo(浅草アミューズミュージアム/東京)

 iichi CRAFTS MARKET in 伊勢丹新宿店(伊勢丹新宿店/東京)

 PLAY! Creema in うめだ阪急(阪急うめだ本店/大阪)



 第四回 天祭一〇八(芝 増上寺/東京)

 猫ポストカードと原画展(Gallery 来舎/東京)







 Closing Party!(銀座シャトンdeミューショップ「ねこの引出し」/東京)

 猫専門 またたび堂期間限定2号店(仙台PARCO/宮城)

 Creema Creators in LUCUA1100(LUCUA 1100/大阪)

 「こんにちは ねこの引き出しです」展(メゾンドネコ/東京)



2014 えんぎもの(白白庵/東京)

 第二回 天祭一〇八(芝 増上寺/東京)

 Creema Store(新宿ルミネ2 2F/東京)




 第三回 天祭一〇八(芝 増上寺/東京)

 Creema×TDW Handmade Market 2014(明治神宮外苑絵画館前/東京)


 Creema Winter Market in 大丸京都(大丸京都店/京都)

2013 Creema Gallery’s Week(岩崎博物館/神奈川)





 天祭一〇八(芝 増上寺/東京)

 Creema X'mas Market in うめだ阪急(阪急うめだ本店/大阪)

2012 デザインフェスタvol.35(東京ビッグサイト/東京)


2011 YOUNG ARTIST JAPAN vol.4(六本木ラフォーレミュージアム/東京)


2010 デザインフェスタvol.32(東京ビッグサイト/東京)

2008 ザ・チョイス大賞展(銀座伊東屋ギャラリー/東京)


1999 ザ・チョイス大賞展(クリエイションギャラリーG8/東京)